Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Is ebay a bad thing ?

I occasionally find myself in a discussion about the demise of eBay, somehow it feels that a few years ago is was really easy to pick up bargains for us wargamers. Items would come up regularly and if you knew how to ‘snipe’ bid you could get some great stuff. Then things seemed to dry up, prices often seem to go higher than I was prepared to pay, but then reflecting on this if that is what somebody is prepared to pay then so be it. There was a sense that more and more people were effectively trading through eBay.....which of course is fine. Anyway the question in the title is in fact another issue which is I just can’t stop myself looking for bargains 😀 and the lead Mountain range grows ever longer (it can’t get higher already being at the ceiling). This box arrived in the post this morning.

A lovely unit of Sassanid spearmen who I will use in persian or other ancient armies as well-armed heavy spearmen
A nice little unit of barbarian skirmishers, not certain but I think they are Eastern European with sheepskin coats
Two elephants, now they are quite small in comparison with my others but like people not all elephants are the same size you know, they have nice Sassanid crews
and a trio of random characters/commanders which are always useful to have.

All for the princely sum of £35 free postage. So why the question......well I hadn’t intended to buy any of these, my lead mountain range is already pretty long but I just can’t stop myself 😱😱😱😱😱😱 so now I am torn as to whether I love eBay or hate it ?😀 I felt sharing my guilt might help.

Monday, 19 February 2018

The Battle for Frogholt :Operation Sealion

As invasion day gradually draws to a close (I do need to move the campaign on somehow to day two !) where the Germans have broken through they are starting to move inland. Having captured much of Hythe they are looking to consolidate the bridgehead along the line of the A20. One of the key junctions is at Newington where there is a small settlement called Frogholt. Another opportunity to introduce a new payer to my Sealion campaign. A small force of Germans have been ordered to capture the junction and the settlement. The British will look to keep the road open to allow reinforcements to be brought in from the north. Both forces have managed to find some armour support the British provided by the Royal Tank Regiment. Frogholt itself is a small settlement set back slightly from the A20 behind which the ground rises up onto the South Downs.

British infantry supported by Bren Carrier work their way into Frogholt in the distance they can see the Germans at the junction with the A20
Tally ho ! Plenty of cover behind the buildings as th British advance
.....but germa infantry supported by a small unit of Fallschirmjager who landed earlier in the day have been ordered to take the village
More german infantry advance through one of the paddocks
A single Matilda II arrives from the RTR in Lyminge 
The german have already taken the A20 junctionwere they are unlimber great a Pak 36 under the watchful eye of the propaganda crew
The RTR has also managed to get a Vickers Tank into the area which is advancing rather bravely/foolishly towards the road junction
Germans are now rushing forward into the village supported by a single Stug
Germans in the paddock are now pinned down behind the hedge unable to advance 
After exchanging shots between the Matilda and the Panzer 35(t) the British tank scores a direct hit
The road is now open on the right flank for the British 
In the village the Stug has been fairly ineffective
As the camera rolls the Pak 36 has an easy target and knocks out the Vickers (hidden in this shot b the tree)
On the Germans left flank the only hope of holding back the advance is a lonely Panzer I it is no match for the Matilda but is able to pin down the infantry advance
As always we play with a random event generator.....this had little effect until the heavily pinned down german infantry in the paddock were ordered to assault the Bren Gun carrier, the german commander then rolled 3x6’s followed by another 6 ! And the carrier went up in flames
At this point the Pak 36 also scored its second direct hit on the Matilda more 6’s and the Matilda went up in smoke
The only remaining armoured vehicle the Stug now pushed forward to attempt to push the dwindling British infantry out of the village
.....but all not lost the Brits advanced in the centre and through the ploughed field
Despite being pinned down by fire from the Panzer I they are holding on..... (at this point at the end of six turns the British were marginally in front but the dice gods decreed we had to play a further turn !)
The superior Germans numbers were able to tell as they advance into the scoring zone.........
A final shot of the A20 road junction, its job done the Pak 36 team can re limber for the advance towards Canterbury.

Such a fun game close but wth so few troops left a British victory wouldn’t have been fair. The collection grows and it is nice to see the Russian farm buildings work quite well in rural Kent. I do plan to draw day one to a close fairly soon 😀

Sunday, 18 February 2018

A new SAGA begins........

Again this was played a week or so ago. Paul had picked up a copy of the new SAGA rules. You can see a more detailed review of the changes on his Hobby Horse Blog. I am not planning on rushing out to get the new rules as this seems an unwarranted expenditure. The changes are for the most part fairly sensible and simplify some aspects of the game. What became apparent as we played through the game with Vikings and Saxons is the board had been tweaked and the Saxons boosted quite a bit. Now this can been seen as a good thing or not depending on your approach to gaming. The SAGA game as a whole remains one of our favourites although the system in a true oxymoron doesn’t in my view lend itself to campaigns.

Anyway here are a few shots of the game we played 🙂
Saxons on the right the rules encourage the Saxons to have larger units to get various bonuses
The Vikings use their first turn to rush forward, they proved to be over eager and with a slightly more aggressive Saxon board they paid an early price

A unit of the Saxon warriors has rushed across the open ground decimated a unit of Vikings and run through to attack the lightly armed Viking bowmen

Eventually around the cross the Viking elite troops charged knocking the Saxons back and almost killing the Saxon Warlord but he clung on just

A lone Viking awaits his fate !

He is duly despatched to Valhalla 
And in true saga style the two warlords clash on the open ground
Take that Viking scum......😀

So we had a good game and it was interesting to see how the new boards had altered the balance of the game. There was nothing wrong with the original rules. Some of the changes are sensible for example a slight simplification of fatigue, I suspect the majority of changes have been driven by competition play which is not always good. But we’ll keep playing 😀

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Konflikt 47 moves to North Africa

We played this game a few weeks ago. As an occasional series of Konflikt 47 Battle we moved the theatre to a North African village. The objective was to claim the three objective held by the he Germans. Balance in the sepcenario was a challange as the Germans could simply sit back but we had  some fun. The game was before the walker thingy I picked up at York so next time that will hopefully appear 😀 the pictures are not great as the contrast with the cloth and the figures is too great ☹️
British infantry move up into the village
Supported by heavy Churchill tank
More infantry run forward, they only have a few turns to capture the objectives
Whilst the Churchill is almost indestructible it proves very ineffective as a weapon !
The Germans have Russian corpses fighting for them !
And the spider walker is back
The Germans are able to sit back and pin the British advance down
They nearly manage to break through in the centre 
But even with the support of the British walkers they can’t advance on the left
A Panzer hunts for prey whilst the British heavily armoured infantry attempt to out flank it
Germans take up a position on top of one of the buildings
Although the Churchill breaks through it can’t claim the objective
The British do get one objective but don’t have enough infantry to claim the other two.

A win for the Germans .........😀

The real Dad’s Army : Operation Sealion

Bit behind on blogs due to half term, work and progress on other activity. So loyal followers may notice a flurry of posts unless I get sidetracked.

Anyway first up I picked this nice little book up in a charity shop yesterday. There are lots of ‘Home Guard’ books out there but what is nice about this one is Rodney Foster lived and wrote his diary in Hythe which loyal readers will know is the current scene of operation for my Sealion campaign. This is timely as I picked up some more Home guard at York .
The book as a day by diary has some interest but there are a smattering of nice photos specific to the location and it was worth the £1:49 just for are a couple 😀
Cavalry at Shorncliffe Camp
8th Battalion Home guard drilling outside pub on the road to Dover
More drilling on the Folkestone Cricket ground