Wednesday, 18 April 2018

A bit of fencing.....ACW

Taking a break from painting figures I have built and sorted out the fencing which came in the box. You can’t really have too much so as I had two boxes it made about 9 or so feet. I fiddled about a bit to get the fencing to have a slightly smaller foot always a slight compromise between accuracy and functionality on the table top.
This is the fencing initially based on wooden strips and a bit of sand, pebbles and a few additional upright posts to give a slightly more random rustic appearance as the plastic is a little too regular to the eye.
I then sprayed the whole lot brown, painted the bases a slightly darker brown, some dry brushing, then decorated the bases with grass, bushes etc. Bob’s your uncle πŸ™‚
Here is a shot of the fencing on the table with my Union Forces to date.

Two brigades (or three small ones) some supporting artillery and cavalry. Worryingly they have been completely outflanked by the rebels in the shot 😒 need to sort that out.

The rebels have fallen slightly behind so I need another 2/3 Regiments for them. Also on the list are some skirmishers, dismounted cavalry and of course artillery limbers. The good thing is I am now in a position to let them stretch their legs as I develop the project further.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

On to Richmond the obsession is holding

Not been doing much blogging recently but the hobby enthusiasm remains buoyant with the promise of the American Civil War finally hitting the battlefield this weekend.

Having spent too much time working I felt I deserved a small treat and managed to pick up some additional recruits for the Union Forces from eBay. I don’t buy many painted figures, but it has just given that little boost in terms of  ‘bulk’ the force needed. They are nicely painted Perry figures so fit almost seamlessly with my own I just needed to give them flags and do a little base treatment to give a respectable match.
I actually bought three infantry units, but two are quite large and split easily into four.
I have also managed to polish of my first Union Cavalry force and the Brigade Commander seen in the first picture.

I’ll try and take a full force photo sometime. πŸ™‚

Sunday, 8 April 2018

On to Richmond Part Three.......

The enthusiasm on the brushes is holding just ! and I have pushed on with the ACW Federal Forces. Units 4 & 5 have arrived from the Recruiting Office. I have deliberately introduced a tiny bit of variability into these.
The newly recruited units and a Brigade Commander
Out of interest I have started to magnetise the state/regimental colour enabling me in the future to swop things around, the figures are simply placed on 1 pence pieces and a magnet sunk in the base , this fits easily with my basing style and works fine on the 40 mm square bases I am using. It is barely noticeable when the figure is in place πŸ™‚

I am inevitably slowing down......but hope to complete a Union Cavalry Regiment. I have also picked up a couple of ‘reasonably’ priced painted units which with some touching up should fit very well with the force so far. Gearing up for a battle soon....

Friday, 30 March 2018

On to Richmond Part 2

I have been making some good progress on my Federal Forces for the American Civil War.
2nd Infantry Unit
3rd Infantry Unit
Federal Artillery
The full Federal force at the moment....

More on the way as I have a mind to crack on.......

Skirmish in the desert : Crescent and Cross

It has been a short while since I posted anything, work (an unfortunate necessity to fund my hobby) real life and resting after the Dumfries game mean I haven’t hosted a battle in the Dungeon for a couple of weeks. I have however been painting, more of that later today if I pull my finger out and take a photo.

Anyway a few weeks ago we played another game of Crescent and Cross using the new SAGA rules. Looking for something quirky we played with two quite complicated factions the Spanish and the Arab Religious fanatics. We also managed to pick out a very complicated scenario which involved capturing quarters and gaining victory points at the end of each turn. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it  but we probabaly won’t be playing this scenario again. However, I did take a couple of photos and it was nice to get the slowly growing Crusader collection on the table.

The scenario has both factions scattered across the battlefield
The objective is to dominate each quarter with overwhelming numbers and it soon became clear this was extremely difficult to do
But the camels got stuck in ......
Crusader crossbowmen took up a central position
Very happy still with the new desert terrain mat
Don’t rate their chances much πŸ™‚
After a couple of hours of chess like manoeuvring and some rough and tumble combat darkness settled over the desert and we had a draw
Ok not the best scenario but a good workout for the 🧠 

I will post some paining updates later πŸ˜›

Sunday, 18 March 2018

“On to Richmond”

Finally I have pulled my finger out and started my Union Forces for the American Civil War. A simple job and I have kept this unit fairly generic although they have a New York volunteer standard. A couple more units to be done the same as these then I might start some variations πŸ™‚

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Despite a busy week I have managed to build and finish off one of my purchases from the Dumfries show. With a view to the Germans moving inland across Kent as part of my Operation Sealion campaign I needed a couple of extra terrain pieces which are typical of Kent. First up a windmill. A simple MDF model although I have added quite a bit of detail and a different base.
There were several types of Mill across Kent, this being the simplest of the two, although rarer  as these are I think we’re slightly earlier in style. A few of these still exist so they were definately around in 1940. Next up a Malthouse πŸ™‚